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Chinese producer sets up deals to reach global audiences


Chinese producer sets up deals

to reach global audiences
By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)
More original Chinese new media  and TV content will reach a global audience through cooperative deals struck by WingsMedia with more than 20 international companies, Shanghai Media Group announced at the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival which opened yesterday (June 12).
WingsMedia's international partners include SPB TV, Planetcast, Star Media Group and the U.S. China Film and Television Industry Expo. They will cooperate in distribution, content development, technology and copyright to provide content on broadcasting platforms covering Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East.
He Xiaolan, general manager of WingsMedia, said the company hopes to introduce more outstanding domestic programs and Chinese culture to the world.
WingsMedia will also be engaged in developing diverse original content for TV, film, literature, animation and gaming. 
Among the projects are epic drama "Legend of Time-honored Brand," and "Guardian," an online series dubbed as the Chinese version of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Intellectually challenging children's shows and animated series will also be produced.
WingsMedia also announced it will set up an association with Toutiao.com to ride the development wave of short videos in China. News and entertainment content from TV channels and new media will be fully integrated. 
The association will also host a short video competition for grassroots talents to create light-hearted content about food, travel and family fun.
Wit and Key announced that it also will be targeting a global audience with its upcoming 100 million yuan youth series "Speed."  
The production features stunning car racing stunts and most of the scenes were shot in Australia under the watchful eye of Hong Kong stunt-master Bruce Law who choreographed all the action. 
Law was involved in producing special effects for "Mission Impossible 3" and "Transformers: Age of Extinction." This time he designed high-action stunts for the 60 or so racing cars in the series which will be distributed overseas next year.
Epic drama "Legend of Time-honored Brand"press conference.