2017-06-13 17:29:32[UPDATES]


 TIAN Jin 


Deputy Director of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China
Chair of Shanghai TV Festival Organizing Committee
In the June of Shanghai, the TV industry practitioners gather together to welcome the grand event interwoven with ideas, thoughts and achievements - the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival. Today, on behalf of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China and the Shanghai TV Festival Organizing Committee, I would like to extend my gratitude to the friends who have always shown their concern and support to the Shanghai TV Festival and the development of the Chinese TV industry.
For the time being, the global TV industry is speeding up its transformation and upgrading, accompanied by the profound integration of TV media and constant extension of communication platforms, but our pursuit for quality content is a permanent topic. In the new audio and visual era which is experiencing huge renovation, we encourage and support the Chinese TV workers to keep steady cultural confidence, stay true to the mission for excellence and properly interpret Chinese stories in order to provide more high quality programs and works. We aspire to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the public and promote international humanity and culture exchanges.
As one of the most important international TV exchange and collaboration platforms in Asia, the Shanghai TV Festival consistently grasps the current trend, and persistently promotes TV culture and TV industry development with an open and inclusive attitude. Through a series of deliberately planned projects featuring program selection, showcase, forum and international film & TV market, the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival will play its role as a platform to display achievements, exchange experience and facilitate cooperation, as well as a presenter of a substantial and splendid TV feast to the audience, hoping to make contribution to the further growth of the TV industry.
I hereby sincerely wish the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival a huge success!

WENG Tiehui
翁铁慧 - 副本.jpg
Vice Mayor of Shanghai
Chairman of the Shanghai TV Festival Organizing Committee
On the occasion of the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival (STVF), on behalf of the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Shanghai TV Festival Organizing Committee, I would like to extend my warm welcome to the distinguished guests coming from afar, who gather together at the bund of the Huangpu River, exchange ideas and opinions at this festival, and create vivid and beautiful memories.
Through the establishment in the past 30 years, the Shanghai TV Festival has grown into a renowned cultural brand which attracts domestic and international TV talents and boosts the development of the TV industry. The festival has enhanced the cultural influence of the city, which is devoting a lot to turn itself into a major global metropolis, and has developed into a well-known platform for international TV communication and cooperation in Asia. This year, STVF continues to reflect the contemporary spirit, implement the national cultural development strategy and bring the essence of Chinese culture to a wider range with innovative systems in the festival organization. With acontinual focus on the change and evolution of the TV industry, STVF will lead the cultural trend and create more works that highlight the core values and are well received by the people to promote cultural exchanges and in-depth cooperation between Chinese and foreign counterparts.
The 23rd STVF will witness the competition for the Magnolia Awards among many excellent TV series, documentaries and animations, the broadcast of the excellent domestic and international TV programs. We will adhere to the idea of specialty, authority and nationality to provide more consummate service to bring talents of the international TV industry together and into full play and demonstrate the core values and the new look of Chinese people on an international stage.
Finally, I wish the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival a big success.