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International Formats Industry Comes Back to Focus Can Created-in-China Keep Pace with the World? K


We are only one month away from the 3rd China Formats. The 3rd China Formats during the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival will be held June 11 through 12 in Shanghai. It is a special event to touch upon and also go deep into the most concerned and hottest topics nowadays through a wide range of programs designed with practicality, functionality, diversity and ecology, featuring industry report, playlist, panel, VIP master class and one-to-one networking. The event will provide simultaneous translation service.

Here is to show how serious we are at the China Formats to you, a promising man or woman who cares a lot about self-improvement. 


Originality is the key word for the yearly summaries

2016/17 10 Classic Cases of Innovation in Video Content Market in China 

The magazine Review owned by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television is to release a report about the 10 Classic Cases of Innovation at the forum this year, summarizing and recognizing the power of originality in China’s video making industry.


From made-in-China to created-in-China, China’s originality is admired by foreigners 

Views from foreigners: 2016/17 Formats of Hottest Original Shows in China 

Supported and encouraged by SARFT in originality and innovation, original shows in China gradually emerged and flourished in 2016. What programs are more international? Which one will become new stars in the global market? Experts of international formats will tell you what are on their minds.


Industry Report: How will global formats market react to the rising of Asia?

Since 2016, as an emerging market for formats transaction, Asia has grown out of the old role of completely introducing contents from the outside and become a place where original ideas are born and made into great contents. How would the traditional international formats market react to the rising of this new power? How would Asia, especially China, affect the global content business in the long run? Ed Walker, chief editor of the world famous magazine C21 Media, will shed lights on these questions. 


Global Imagination Fair: I never thought shows could be like this!

Crack open the shell of science: secrets to make great science shows

The fact that science is serious and factual seems to isolate itself from the entertainment shows which are imaginary and unrestrained. But science shows are attracting more viewers during prime times for variety shows. How can we recreate and reinterpret science shows to make them more entertaining and eye-catching? The ace producers of science shows in the world will open the door to a new world for you and share with you the most unexpected secrets behind science shows.  


Small yet pretty, decently-made, how to get into prime time?

Low-cost, big-picture and positive energy are the main directions for original shows in China. In the global market, evening prime time isn’t just dominated by stunning variety shows; low-cost and big-picture shows are also quite competitive. How to make small yet classy original shows? Top 10 formats companies will use fresh and vigorous low-cost formats to open your eye and teach you the most practical methods about “Small yet pretty, decently-made, how to get into prime time?”


VIP Master Class: screenwriters’ secrets for comedies 

Sketch? Skit? Trap? Punchline? How to be up-to-date funny? How to control the propriety and pace? Humor doesn't mean to be vulgar, and sarcasm doesn't mean to yield morality. The comedy screenwriters from the U.S. and Europe know how it works. This is what comedy producers should do!


Make something new? Directors from Satellite TV stations have something to say!

2016/17 New Trends in Satellite TV

Annual Benchmark Satellite TV Stations will gather at the China Formats and share all the sleepless nights when they try to make something new. In the era dominated by Content, what are they doing to cultivate new talents? What are they doing to pave their own ways to great contents?


Internet + Variety Shows: Special formula, refreshing tastes 

How to drive rapidly and steadily on the fast lane of internet variety shows?

Since 2016, the major video websites in China have been driving their cars of self-made contents on the fast lane, as their works are developing really fast in terms of quantity, genre, influential power and speed to get online. As for the market in 2017 for internet variety shows, is it hot or cold? Are major video platforms and production teams for internet variety shows driving rapidly and steadily enough on the fast lane?


VIP Master Class: How many steps does it take to make a Martian family?

When the market of internet-generated content is still in unexpected changing, the show Mars Intelligence Agency has presented astonishing performances in clicks of viewing and advertisement income. The chief producer of Mars Intelligence Agency HU Ming will share the secrets in market trend and manpower. 


Classic programs: the most in-style fashion in the world

Ranking of global non-script formats in social media traffic index

TV shows are not only rated by TV viewers in the era of Internet +. Social media traffic is the new arena to measure shows. Virginia Mouseler, President of the WIT, a world leading TV show formats data research company with a huge database, and an expert who has been invited to format forums at Cannes for years, will recommend to the China Formats the non-script formats which have been widely liked by social new media users across the globe .


Most popular global script formats in Asia  

2016 saw another peak of global script formats trading, with Asia and China becoming the backbones of the market. What kinds of script formats have great potential of localization in the Asian market? Let us listen to Virginia Mouseler, President of the WIT, a world leading TV show formats data research company with a huge database, and an expert who has been invited to format forums at Cannes for years.


Are there any shortcuts in R&D? Save you from the 4:00 a.m. plus coffee

VIP Master Class: What foreigners see as 10 bugs in Chinese teams’ R&D?

Do you always hit rocks or go into a loop during R&D? If you don't know about the common mistakes, how could you make breakthroughs in innovation? David Winnan, founder of Global Creatives and former production and R&D director of ITV international program formats, will analyze and diagnose us as well as help us solve these annoying problems. David Winnan has many famous works, such as Guinness World Records, America’s Got Talent, Hell’s Kitchen, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! and so on. 


VIP Master Class: 1%+99% Secrets behind Talpa formula 

All formats start from a good idea. But in R&D, ideas only contribute 1%. What makes an idea become content shown to the audience? Talpa, a legendary Dutch company who has made so many IP miracles in the variety show market, such as The Voice, Dance Dance Dance, and Dating in the Dark, will unveil its secret weapons in R&D. Etienne de Jong, Production Director of Talpa Global will tell us about the mystery for the very first time.


Ordinary people, celebrities, a dilemma. Who will become the leading role on screen next year?

Ordinary people or celebrities? Where should I go? 

A study on characters in variety shows

There are a number of great TV shows behind their names. Now they either leave state-owned companies or they are still working inside the system. XIE Dikui, CEO of Share-Media and producer of the show Where Are We Going Dad?, and YAO Xiaoying, founder of Xiaoying Media and producer of Master Class, are joining an influential debate which will lead the content direction of the industry. Dr. LENG Song, Secretary General of Research Center for World Media at the Institute of Journalism and Communication of CASS, will preside this debate sparkling with wisdom.


VIP Master Class: Never Treat Anyone as Nobody: 10 Mistakes in Casting Ordinary People for Reality Show 

Why can’t you make an ordinary-people reality show that audience would just love to watch? It is because you have been sloppy from your DAY 1 in casting. Rebecca De Young, Production Director of Endemol Shine Group, will give an autopsy analysis on ordinary-people reality shows—classic mistakes and tricks in casting.  


Please check a super precious piece of intelligence from Great Britain 

From BBC to independent productions, how does Great Britain, the power of ideas, keep making new things?

As a world leading country with creative ideas, the content industry in Great Britain always keeps the vigor of continuous creation. Production’s separation from broadcasting makes it possible that broadcasting companies and independent production companies could work with clearly identified responsibilities and in even closer cooperation. Angela Chan, the Independents Executive of BBC, together with the frontier independent production companies, will elaborate on how the production-broadcasting system would take the TV industry of Great Britain to the next spring.   


Industry report: 2016/17 variety shows broadcasting and program format trends on major TV platforms of Great Britain.

Andrea Hamilton is the President of OM TV and the producer of the Britain’s Got Talent Season 1. She switched from a producer of variety shows in major British networks to an independent producer. She will explain to us, one after another, the TV broadcasting strategies in 2016-2017 on major networks in Great Britain, a traditional creative country in TV formats. She will also give her own prediction on the next hit format in the variety show market of Great Britain. 


Break the old and get in a new experience from the future

VIP Master Class: Lost in Time: technology and content work together to create new space-time in variety shows

Is technology preventing content from making progress or emancipating content from its own limitations? How can we use new technologies in R&D and creation of TV shows without letting them get in the way of creativity? How does Fremantle Media, a brilliant creative producing company, use IMR patented technology to construct the one and only Lost in Time?


When strong ones hold hands in business, whose ideas will go further down the road?

Where is the spring? Market trends in 2017 variety shows through the lens of advertising sales

In today’s economic environment, advertising clients are becoming more discrete and stepped-back in 2017; they will only choose safe and reliable programs. Production companies that have been totally marketized will cut short content production and investment from a strategic point of view. What kind of content will survive in a cold winter like this? How would production companies, advertising clients and broadcasting platforms react?


Fuji ideas: from selected scripts to variety show cooperation 

Fuji Television Network is a leading media corporation, content factory, IP holder, as well as the representative and implementer of Japanese contents and ideas going across cultural differences to overseas markets. The Japanese variety shows are full of new ideas. Its TV shows are widely watched in Japan, and have impacted the entire South Asian market. What ideas or cooperation experience will Fuji Television Network bring to us this year?


New prospect for international cooperation in TV shows 

Joint R&D and production of global script formats are opening a new chapter. From BBC to Huace, Sony to HualuBaina, leading TV show production and distribution companies are exploring globalization strategies and learn from opportunities and challenges in real practices. 


Unlimited ideas in China 

Incubation starts from there

Chinese original program format proposal competition 

In 2017, among over 400 high-quality proposals from China, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, France, Sweden, etc., 6 most creative ones will be competing for the Golden Award, which will be witnessed by the 8 Chinese and foreign jury members and all attendees. The Top 20 contestants who have won the preliminary contest will be given free tickets for the China Formats. Also, the organizing committee of the China Formats has decided to give big discounts to young practitioners and proposal contestants born after 1990s, to encourage their active participation. 


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