2017-03-29 12:03:04[UPDATES]

23rd STVF Official Poster Released Today

    The 23rd Shanghai TV Festival is scheduled to take place during 12-16 June 2017. The Shanghai TV Festival, founded in 1986, is an international TV festival with integrated roles such as TV program competition, program trading, new media &equipment market and forum. Through the branding for over 30 years, the STVF takes the initiative to promote international collaboration and innovate in inheritance, having become one of the most important international TV communication and cooperation platforms in Asia. The Magnolia Awards for International TV Programs – the earliest TV program competition event established in China, highlight the guidance role of competitions during the development of TV programs through its procedure design of judging rules and norms which values both art and market. It now has become the main “wind indicator” of the domestic TV industry, and meanwhile created an international stage for countries all over the world to display their colorful and magnificent TV culture.



Artistic Dreams, Interactive Innovation

    The poster of the 23rd STVF keeps its classic green tone, and the color blocks and lines mixing virtuality and reality help make the main image of magnolia stand out. In the poster, against the emerald green background which symbolizes vitality and innovation, the flowing golden ink painting stroke draws the outline of the brilliant and gorgeous Magnolia Award, including determination and belief in tenderness. Just like the pure and beautiful magnolia, the image reflects the sophistication and solemnity of Chinese style, as well as the internationalism and professionalism of the STVF. Withcurvaceouslines and rich stroke details, the “23” character is highlighted, presenting the STVF’s diversity and splendor.

    Currently, all the preparation work of the 23rd STVF, such asthe international TV program collection, exhibition invitation and forum are in full swing. Among them, the international TV program collection launched in December last year is closing. Over 500 TV dramas, animations, documentaries and variety shows from more than 30 countries and regions have submitted applications, quite many of which are excellent works familiar to the audience.