2017-12-21 16:37:53[UPDATES]

TV Market Introduction


Established in the same year as the Shanghai TV Festival, the TV Market is renowned for being a professional, international and forward-looking platform, upholding its core value of providing content-oriented service. Functionally distinct from its Chinese counterparts, the market has gradually become the most unique, influential and mature content market in Asia over the past 2 decades.
In 2017, the market total exhibition area reached over 11,000 square meters, attracting around 150 exhibitors from over 8 different countries and regions around the world, including industry leaders such as CCTV, SMG, Fuji Television, Italian Trade Commission Shanghai Office etc.. More than 3000 buyers around the world attended the market. STVForum and various market activities have enriched the experience for all the festival guests, making the visit to the market entertaining and rewarding.
For more information about participating 2018’s TV Market, please simply refer to the TV Market Regulations.