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TV Drama Rules


TV Drama


1. TV Drama (China)

Best TV Series

Best Director

Best Screenplay

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Best Cinematography

Best Art Direction


2. TV Drama (Foreign)

Best Foreign TV Series/Serial

Best Foreign TV Film/Miniseries



1. Series/Serial

Multiple episodes in which the on-going theme, storyline or main characters, are presented under the same title and have continuity of production supervision, generally above ten episodes. Reality and/or non-scripted programming is not considered eligible.

2. TV Film/Miniseries

Miniseries: limited-run TV series with a single theme or story line, generally last two to ten episodes.

TV Film: Film made for TV with usually a total running time of not less than 70 min, and no more than 200 min.



1. Entries for the Competition should comply with the following criteria:

Having been initially broadcast anywhere in the world between April 1st, 2017 and March 31st, 2018.

2. All entries shall not contain any commercials.

3. All entries may only be submitted by organizations or individuals who own the copyrights.

4. Co-production partners should decide which organization will be the entrant.



1.  Deadline for online entrance will be March 31st , 2018.

2.  All participants, individuals or companies, must complete clearly the entry forms.

3.  Materials requested:

(1) DVD. Please submit entire episodes of the programs.

(2) Screen credits

(3) 5 digital pictures including 2 posters from the program (3M above for each)

(4) Trailer (within 5 minutes)

*Item (2) to (4) are preferred to be submitted in DVD or USB flash disk along with item (1).

4. The entries in languages other than English must be subtitled in English. The production of the subtitles shall be the responsibility of the sender.

5. All entries shall not contain any commercials.

6. All materials should reach the Organizing Committee before the deadline.

Address for shipping:

Shanghai TV Festival (Drama)

20F, 211 Kangding Rd., Shanghai 200041, China

Tel: 86-21-22009868

Fax: 86-21-62552000



1. Selection

STVF Selection Committee, which is composed of experts in the industry, will view all the eligible entries. At-home judging ballots would be issued, called in and counted by an independent organization. The official competition list will be announced to the public in May.

2. Final Judging

The entries in competition will be judged by an international jury panel invited by the Organizing Committee. It is guaranteed that jury members are not in any way connected with the production and commercial benefits of any competitive programs. A representative of the Organizing Committee may attend the jury's deliberations as an observer, but has no right to vote.

3. Winners

The Organizing Committee will invite the director, producer or other main crew from the creating team of nominated program to the festival as well as the Magnolia gala night and the awards ceremony. The winners will be revealed and presented with Magnolia Award at the Closing & Awards Ceremony of the 24th STVF, on June 15th 2018.



1. Unless expressly prohibited, the Organizing Committee is entitled to select outstanding entries for a single broadcast on TV during the festival under the sender's approval.

2. Unless expressly prohibited, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to make copies of winning entries for archival use only, with no commercial exploitation whatsoever.



1. To meet the requirement of festival guests, for the convenience of business exchanges, and to promote excellent programs selected, the Organizing Committee will arrange the screening of programs in competition and showcase at its international film & TV market. The market is a professional market for registered festival guests only.

2. If applicants do not provide any excerpts or trailer, the Organizing Committee is entitled to use a segment no longer than 3 minute from each selected entry, free of charge, for TV promotional purposes only.



1. Participation in the Shanghai TV Festival implies the producers' acceptance of the Regulations.

2. The Organizing Committee is fully responsible for the compilation and clarification of this regulation.

3. In the event of any dispute incurred between the Chinese and English version of this regulation, the Chinese version prevails.


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