Mole's World China
Director:Li Tingting     Screenwriter:Zhao Wenyuan    
The production company:Shanghai Taomee Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Beyond the mountains, there’s a rich land where the moles and elves live. It’s called The Mole’s World. The moles with the red nose and their best friends called The Lam Elves live a happy and idyllic life. However, the evil wizard KULA, who wants to rule the Mole’s World, is always spying on the Mole’s World, and finds every chance to sabotage in darkness. MOLELE, a naughty boy who lives in the Mole’s world, has been chosen by destiny to save the Mole’s World. MOLELE has the seed of “The Justice Genie” inside him, which is activated and turns him into the ‘Super MOLELE’ in due time before KULA appears and succeeds in protecting the Mole’s World.